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Hearing Aid Cleaning and Retubing

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Retubing

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Retubing

If you have recently started wearing a hearing aid, you will know the positive difference they can make to your life. Protecting them and keeping them in good working order is essential.

There are some basic do's and don'ts for anyone wearing hearing aids, including always keeping your hearing aids in the box they came in and not just on the side, where they can collect dust, get damaged, or get lost. You should always have a spare set of batteries ready for when you need them, and remember to take a spare set with you if traveling or spending time away from home. The battery life will depend on the strength of your aid, and your aid should tell you when it is running low.

Premium Hearing Aid Batteries

There are many different batteries available on the market, including Premium Hearing Aid Batteries, which are ideal for anyone needing a long battery life - for example, people who live an active lifestyle and enjoy the great outdoors.

How your hearing aid works

Hearing aids are programmed to suit each individual wearer and help them hear sounds that they couldn’t hear before. They do not restore hearing, but like wearing glasses, they can improve hearing and make sounds louder and clearer, helping you to understand conversations and enjoy things such as the television, radio and live theater.


If hearing aids get damaged, they can stop working. Other things to remember include turning them off at night when sleeping and not wearing them in the bath or shower, or while swimming. If you get caught in the rain when wearing your hearing aids, they shouldn’t get damaged unless the rain is torrential. However, if you do think they have become wet, open the battery compartment to avoid corrosion and use a drying treatment, such as Innerscope Hearing Aid Drying Capsules. These are specially formulated to help remove sweat and moisture from listening devices, such as hearing aids.

Innerscope Hearing Aid Drying Capsules


It is recommended that you clean your hearing aids every day. This can be done quickly and effectively with Innerscope Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes. These wipes are individually wrapped, alcohol-free and remove earwax, sweat and other debris from the aid. This will also help avoid clogging, which can affect the quality and performance of the hearing aids and prevent damage.

Another worthwhile product to aid cleaning is the Innerscope Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray. Like the wipes, it dissolves earwax and removes sweat and grime. The spray has been specially formulated to be 100% safe to use with hearing aids, as well as on other audio equipment. There is also a useful brush attachment that allows you to reach all parts of the hearing aid without causing damage. It features a unique anti-rotation button to avoid wastage and accidental spraying and is very user-friendly for senior citizens who may suffer from shaky hands.

Another great investment for the care of your hearing aids is the Innerscope Hearing Care Technology Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit, This comes in a handy case and contains everything you need, including 10 cleaning wipes, a bottle of the cleaning spray with the brush attachment, a drying capsule and a container.

Innerscope Hearing Care Technology Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit


Earwax is an essential lubricant for the ear, but it can also block hearing aid tubes, and this can affect the sound quality. To stop this from happening, hearing aids should be cleaned regularly with a cleaning wire. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to replace the tube. This is a simple and straightforward process, and it is recommended that the tubes are replaced every six months.

To change the tube, you just need to gently pull out the old tube and push the new one in. A good tip is to do this with one aid at a time to avoid confusing the tubes. Don’t be tempted to remove the dome to clean this as well, as this could damage the connection. If the dome does accidentally become dislodged inside the ear, don’t try to remove it yourself; seek specialist help.

Hearing aids can hugely improve quality of life, allowing people who are hard of hearing to enjoy conversations with friends and family and enjoy special occasions and events. They are worn by people all over the world, and technology is advancing all the time, with hearing tests now available online and app-controlled aids already available. The Nexus HP App-Controlled Hearing Aid, for example, is Bluetooth App-controlled, rechargeable and self-adjusting.