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Hearing Loss - Prevention, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hearing Loss - Prevention, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hearing Loss - Prevention, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment

Hearing loss can be distressing and stressful, but there are some steps you can take to alleviate the situation.


There are several different symptoms of hearing loss and many different reasons for it. Often, friends and family may notice hearing loss before the individual does. Signs to look out for include struggling to hear when there is background noise, needing the volume turned up on the TV, listening to music louder than other people, and struggling to keep up with a conversation. If you struggle to identify where a noise is coming from, you may be suffering hearing loss in one ear only, which could indicate an infection or a buildup of wax.

Ear Health

One of the most common problems associated with hearing loss is a buildup of ear wax. Removing the wax in a safe way can restore hearing in these cases. Products such as Innerscope Ear Spray Cleaner and Wax Removal can dissolve any ear wax buildup in addition to cleansing the ear canal. It is also formulated with chamomile extract, which can help prevent irritation in the ear and soothe any existing conditions.

 Innerscope Ear Spray Cleaner and Wax Removal

This can be especially beneficial for anyone who wears hearing aids, airpods, wireless headphones or any other hearing protection devices on a regular basis. The spray is quick and easy to use and safe for all ages. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any propellant gas. It isn’t painful or unpleasant to use and there is no cold sensation.

Simply spray one or two times in the ear and feel it start to work. Anyone who has ongoing problems with ear wax buildup will benefit from using the spray once or twice a week. Because it is available in a 50ml bottle, it lasts longer than other ear drops. The best time to use the spray is in the shower, ideally before using any shampoo, as this will mean any excess spray or ear wax will get washed away as you shower. The spray is also fitted with a nozzle that has been specifically designed to target the ear canal while avoiding causing damage.

Hearing Aids

If you have been prescribed hearing aids, it is important that you look after them, both for comfort and for them to keep working effectively. Innerscope Natural Lubricant Agent has been especially formulated for new wearers of hearing aids. It is made with sweet almond oil, which makes fitting the aids easier and makes them more comfortable to wear. Alternatively, try the Innerscope Hydrating and Lubricating Ear Gel, which is made with natural ingredients to help lubricate the ear.

Innerscope Hydrating and Lubricating Ear Gel

The hearing aids themselves also need to be cared for to keep them in full working condition. Innerscope Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes are not only suitable for hearing aids but also any ear listening device. Apart from the hygiene factor, ear wax can also clog up ear pods and other devices, which can affect the quality of the sound in addition to damaging your device.

Another way to keep your hearing aids and devices clean and working efficiently is by using a drying product, such as Innerscope Drying Capsules, which help to remove sweat and moisture.


Tinnitus is suffered by millions of people all over the world. It is a condition wherein a noise is coming from within the ear. It may be a constant or regular ringing, buzzing or hissing sound. There are some things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms. For example, you might try breathing exercises and avoiding caffeine, loud noises and stress. Distraction techniques, such as listening to soft music or activities that divert your attention away from the tinnitus can help. There are also products such as Ear-Ring Relief Dietary Tinnitus Supplement, which is a nutritional supplement that gives the body essential antioxidants and delivers high doses that have been proven to help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. These include magnesium, copper, zinc and other essential vitamins.

Memory Boost

Hearingvite + Memory Boost

Anyone who is concerned about their hearing can help protect and maintain it by regularly taking supplements such as Hearingvite Hearing Vitamins. These not only help maintain hearing health but also prevent hearing-related health issues. For older people, there is also Hearingvite + Memory Boost that has been specifically designed for anyone over 50 and has the added benefit of boosting memory and cognition and slowing down the natural progression of hearing loss, which is associated with age.