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Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2021

Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2021

Top 5 Hearing Aids of 2021

When choosing hearing aids for the first time, there are lots of things to take into consideration, but the most important factor is which type is going to be right for you.

Testing your hearing

Before making your choice, you will be offered a hearing test and consultation, or you can arrange an online screening test. The in-person test will involve a tone audiometry, which will determine what noises you can hear and which ones you don’t. You will also have a bone conduction, which will determine the type of hearing loss you are suffering from. For example, if it is in the middle ear, surgery may help. However, if it is in the cochlea, which is the hollow bone in the inner ear that is responsible for processing sound, it is not medically treatable. This is also the most common reason for hearing loss.

The tests will also determine which volume is best for you. Some people suffer from a condition known as "recruitment", which is a very high sensitivity to loud noise, and it is important to know this in advance of having your hearing aid fitted.

Another reason for the tests is to discover how your brain processes speech as this will help with ensuring you are fitted with the correct hearing aids for your needs. You may also need to have your ears measured to ensure your hearing aid fits correctly and is comfortable.

The online test, known as Teto can be done online. It takes only a few minutes, and it will indicate your hearing level in order for a diagnosis to be made.

Hearing Aids

If you have been advised to wear hearing aids and have had all of the tests, it will then be time to select the particular hearing aid you wish to wear. There are many brands and types available on the market with a range of different features and technologies.

BTE Aids

BTE stands for "behind the ear", and these are the types of devices that fit inside the outer part of the ear. These aids are in the form of either an earmold or small tube and are very commonly used for both mild and severe hearing loss.

ITE Aids

ITE stands for "inside the ear" - in this case, inside the outer ear. These types of hearing aids can be useful for people who use the telephone or a similar device regularly for work or other forms of communications. They also have the ability to include a telecoil feature, which is a form of technology that works with sounds from audio systems and devices.

ITC and CIC Aids

ITC aids, or "in the canal" aids, are tailor-made to fit the size and shape of each individual. It is also possible to get CIC aids, which are less visible.

Bone conduction hearing aid

A bone conduction hearing aid is a much more invasive hearing aid as it requires surgery to attach it. The aid transmits sounds via bone vibration and a processor is attached to the patient’s head. The benefit of this type of aid is that it bypasses the middle and outer ear and is useful for mixed hearing loss. It needs a working cochlea in order to pass messages to the brain.


One of the newest devices on the market are App-Controlled Hearing Aids, which use the latest technology. For example, the Nexus HD Hearing Aid can be controlled by an app. These particular hearing aids are controlled via Bluetooth and are self-adjusting and rechargeable, making them convenient and practical. They are recommended for anyone suffering from moderate to lower-end severe hearing loss and ideal for anyone who enjoys concerts, large gatherings, or who works in a noisy environment.

Nexus HD Hearing Aid

For anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss, the Heariq 4 App Controlled Hearing Aid is recommended. It is particularly beneficial to people who live a more relaxed lifestyle and who spend time mostly in small groups or in quiet locations.

Heariq 4 App Controlled Hearing Aid

Once you have selected the best hearing aid for you, you should invest in some accessories that keep your aid working effectively and efficiently, such as the InnerScope Hearing Aid Cleaning Spray, which dissolves wax and other debris without causing damage. Alternatively, Innerscope Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes work well. You might also wish to consider Innerscope Hearing Aid Drying Capsules to remove sweat and moisture from your hearing device.

Innerscope Hearing Aid Drying Capsules

Whatever aid you choose, you can benefit from improved hearing, allowing you to continue to enjoy your everyday life and activities.