Coborn's and InnerScope have partnered to provide direct-to-consumer Hearing Aids, Assisted Devices and other Hearing Health products, shipped directly to our valued customers.  

Enter code "Coborn's" at Checkout for 10% off your order, OR any of the "Buy One, Get One Free" offer codes below while supplies last!*

Shop below and ship directly to your home:
    • Select the hearing aid(s) or personal sound amplifier that best suits your needs.  While supplies last, you can "buy one, get one free" when you use the following codes for the following hearing aids: 
      • NexusHD: enter code "Nexus BOGO"
      • HearIQ 4: enter code "HearIQ 4 BOGO"
      • HearIQ ITC: enter code "HearIQ ITC BOGO"

        Place two of the device pairs into your shopping cart. At checkout, enter the appropriate BOGO code listed above, and one of the devices will be discounted 100%.  Offer cannot be combined with other offers or discount codes. 

        *BOGO discounts only apply to pairs (left and right) of hearing aids. Offer can only be used once per transaction and once per customer.
      • Use our Android or iPhone app for a self-adjusting custom-fit.
        • Checks each ear and self-adjusts to your hearing profile
        • Offers personalized hearing experience for all listening environments
        • Allows you to easily make fine-tuned adjustments with your smartphone

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