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The Hearing Health Flexible Subscription Program is designed to provide access to InnerScope's high-quality re-chargeable app-controlled hearing aids, and certified hearing health practitioners, at an easy to afford monthly subscription price.  Don't let the traditionally high cost of hearing aids be the reason you or a loved one misses out on one more conversation.   

It's time to join back in, and
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Discover the Benefits of Membership!

  • Affordable monthly payments and easy access to InnerScope's world-class Bluetooth App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Rechargeable hearing devices!
  • One-time start-up fee includes 1st month subscription payment
  • Device upgrade eligibility after month 18!
  • No credit check required to enroll
  • Waived start-up fee at the time of subscription renewal.
  • Keep original program devices after upgrade/renewal or original subscription fulfillment!
  • Access to InnerScope's licensed hearing health practitioners for any assistance or fitting questions you have.

Upgrade-Keep Details

 Read the full terms and conditions of the Program HERE.


Select Your Hearing Device

PIck from InnerScope's word-class hearing devices, based on your
individual needs and lifestyle.  Click HERE for a full list of features and
product descriptions of both of our Hearing Aid offerings.

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