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HearingVite Hearing Vitamins

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Product Description

HearingVite - Doctor Designed & Formulated to Maintain Hearing Health

HearingVite™ is a Doctor-Formulated Dietary Hearing Supplement plus Multi-Vitamin for maintaining proper hearing health. HearingVite™ was specifically designed to provide "Nutrition for the Ears" to help people with hearing problems and to help avoid future hearing issues.

  • HearingVite™ is formulated as a complete vitamin and mineral supplement that contains a senior's basic daily requirement PLUS a proprietary blend of ingredients to promote hearing health.  

  • HearingVite™ would take the place of a regular daily multi-vitamin.

  • HearingVite™ is designed to increase the blood flow to the middle ear, provide protection against oxidative stress and the aging process while to supporting the auditory system and the rest of the body including the immune system. 

Hearing Loss:
A National Health Problem

An estimated 50 million people in the U.S. are reported to have either a hearing loss or have some hearing difficulty.  Hearing loss can be devastating to one's healthy lifestyle and can have an adverse effect on everyone around them.  These 50 million people are forced to deal with multiple health and cognitive consequences of living with their hearing loss every day. With the considerable body of evidence demonstrating that the average person can benefit significantly from nutritional supplements, for individuals with hearing loss, nutritional supplements are even more essential. There is a clear connection between proper nutrition and hearing health. Proper nutrition is the foundation for maintaining hearing health. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals may result in increased Oxidative Stress that causes reactive radical oxygen to damage the sensitive hearing tissues (hair cells) in the ear.

    "We are proud to offer InnerScope's HearingVite™," said Matthew Moore, CEO InnerScope Hearing Technologies.  "With the U.S. aging population continuing to grow, especially among the Baby Boomer population, so does the age-related hearing-impaired population continue to increase. We believe there is an underserved nutritional gap within the dietary supplement market for helping to maintain age-relate hearing loss, and HearingVite™ fills that gap."

    "The of development of HearingVite™and all of InnerScope's "Nutrition for the Ears" Dietary Hearing Supplement formulas, were based on InnerScope's founder's focus for helping age-related hearing loss and senior lifestyles rather than environmental factors that contribute to hearing loss unrelated to age. We know the factors influencing hearing health and how the body changes as it ages.  We are committed to the research and science evaluating these factors and we believe our HearingVite™ and "Nutrition for the Ears" Dietary Hearing Supplement products are designed to meet the body's nutritional needs and help protect against some effects of the aging process," Mr. Moore, concluded.